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Because 81% of people begin their buyer’s journey online, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, tailored to your business, is the best way for small and medium-sized enterprises to funnel prospects through awareness, consideration, and onto the decision to become your customers.

At The Profit Multiplier, we start with a digital marketing blueprint that sets out how to bring together a wide selection of services to achieve a targeted result.

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Are you looking for an inexpensive, yet powerful, way to interact with your prospective and current customers? Email marketing may be just the solution for you!

Using legitimately-gained email lists, email marketing aims to generate and cultivate leads, boost conversions, and ultimately create an upturn in your revenue. More than six out of ten consumers prefer brands to contact them via email. 

Although messages typically include special offers, new products and services, company news et cetera, be careful to balance your promotional content with information pertinent to your readers. Share material that is relevant, informative, helpful, and entertaining to foster long-term relationships with both prospects and clients.


Tell me more about automated marketing

Marketing automation makes it easy to deliver exactly the right information at pivotal points in the buying funnel.

An effective marketing automation solution can attract visitors to your website who in turn are potential leads and consumers. Polls show that:

  • B2C venders who use marketing automation report conversion rates as high as 50%.
  • 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation.

Let The Profit Multiplier help make your marketing automation easy, effective, and economical.


Tell me more about reporting

One of the most rewarding aspects of marketing automation software is that you can see exactly what is and isn’t working in your digital marketing strategy. No more wondering if a mail you painstakingly formed was even opened. No more working in the dark.

You can track, test, measure, and analyze at every step of the way for a far better return on your investment.

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