How to build an online presence

Having a strong online presence is the foundation of digital marketing. By strategically
identifying, building, and targeting an ideal audience using various digital channels, you start a
relationship with them that turns them into paying customers.

Does my business need digital marketing?

Did you know that:


Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing costs 62% less per lead than outdated marketing methods?


Online Research

78% of internet surfers do their product research online?


In just two years, marketers who value Facebook as a critical aspect of their marketing plan has increased by 83%?

These stats should answer the question with a resounding, “yes!
Moreover, even before the world stopped venturing outdoors thanks to COVID-19:

Search Traffic

Search traffic generated 65% of total ecommerce sessions.

Online Purchase

51% of buyers polled said that they research online purchases on Google.


Worldwide B2C ecommerce transactions are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021.

Use this insight to get ahead of your competitors.

What is a marketing blueprint?

Unsurpassed web design and development is the first step in growing your business. While each step of the buyer’s journey leads to your website, a well-crafted marketing blueprint details the best channels to use along the way:

The awareness stage.

Use blogs, infographics, quizzes, social media posts, and videos to help
buyers to isolate the problem.

The consideration stage.

Methods for solving the issue are ideally shared via events, newsletters, webinars, and whitepapers.

The decision stage.

The buyer chooses which solution to use based on case studies,
demonstrations, and pricing.

Online Reputation & SEO

Although generating leads is a top priority for the average marketer, your revenue can only
grow by increasing the lead to revenue conversion ratio:

Conversion rate =
total number of sales / number of leads * 100

Part of your marketing blueprint is a digital marketing plan to implement, measure, and analyze
to stay on track for success.

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